SP_2Hello and welcome to my official website.

For years, I have read and admired the works of fantasy writers like T. Brooks, T. Goodkind, M. Rawn and a few others. The ability to create and capture the reader’s imagination and interest is a unique gift. I believe that showing the possibilities of one’s potential can be found in fantasy, yet applied to our everyday lives.

I was born in St. Augustine, Florida and to this day the place is foreign to me. Being born in a place does not make it home. Home is where unique talents are developed and fashion to achieve greatness. I’ve spent many years in the United States Army as an intelligence analyst. As an analyst, I dealt solely with the facts. There was no room for fiction.

My first novel, The E’rosia Response – Triple Birth, was conceptualized in the great country of Afghanistan. You can say, it was a way to escape the harsh realities of war and create a world where I determined the fate of essential characters.

My military career have been a blessing. There are so many wonderful people serving our country and as a veteran myself, I salute them. I was able to interact with a faction of those individuals throughout my time as an intelligence analyst. Passion and drive allowed me to excel enough as an analyst that I diverged into the Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Manager role. This skill gave me opportunities to coordinate and direct million dollar equipment in the fight against terrorism.

I graduated from Excelsior College in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, but with my intelligence background, stay unexplored. In the end, writing has become my liberation, and I am determined to explore this new skill to its fullest.